Bienvenido a Elite Sports! GEOFFREY HOCKINS

Geoffrey Hockins is a very talented player who is able to play in point guard and shooting guard positions as well. He has many years of experience in the league in Belgium. Watching his stats, he definitely shows development of his game, his performance was solid last year so he absolutey stepped up and able to play as a starter.

He is from Belgium, so he was grown up learning the European basketball, but he also has the athleticism and quickness to be effective both defense and offense as well. Geoffrey averaged 6.9ppg, 1.9rpg, 1.7apg, and definitely capable to put his perfomance to the next level year by year.

He is very coachable, with his professional mentality, always ready to improve his skills! Hockins has already have the skillset to play a successfull offense. He attacks the rim with very high intensity. He is 188cm (6’2) can play as a combo guard, also has the strength to play efficient basketball under the basket. Geoffrey is able to play ball screens and play like a point guard. With his excellent court vision, he always choose the right decision: wheter attack the bigmen off the screen or find an open teammate and pass the ball accurately.

On the defense, coaches can use Geoffrey to put full court pressure to the opponent. With his active hands, he can be in the pass lane and deny the passes, and slow down the opponents’ offense.


 2014 – 2015 Highlights.

Geoffrey Hockins Highlights from Hoops International on Vimeo.